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A valid WildCARD is required to access Evanston and Chicago training locations.


Project Café Classroom

Tarry Research and Education Building
300 E. Superior
1st floor, Room 1-730/1-731

From E. Superior St., enter the Searle Building, turn left and cross the atrium. Classrooms will be in front of you.

From Chicago Ave. near the shuttle stop, enter through the Ward building, walk down the long corridor to the atrium. Classrooms will be on your right.

See Chicago general map below


Project Café Classrooms

1800 Sherman
NW Corner of Sherman and Clark Google Street View
2nd Floor Suite 205, Room 217 Training Lab

Take the elevator to Floor 2. Suite 205 is next to the elevators, opposite the windows.

University Library
1970 Campus Drive
Basement, Room B-234/B-238

From the main entrance go straight down the long open area and turn left at the stairs. Take elevator to "B" or take the stairs down one level. Training room is to your left when you exit elevator, or, from the stairs, to your right and around the corner (see detailed map below).

Auditorium Demo Sessions


Chicago demonstrations will be held at three locations.

See Chicago general map below



Evanston demonstrations occur at:

See Evanston general map below

Detailed Map of Evanston Library

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Evanston Training Room map


General Map of Evanston Locations

Evanston Training Locations

General Map of Chicago Locations

Downtown Locations Map

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