FMS720: NUFin Budget Adjustments

This is an ONLINE course. Please register for the course using the link at the bottom if you would like completion recorded on your FASIS Workplace Learning, Training Summary.

This online course can be found on the Training Curriculum page on the Budget tab.

You may begin the course at any time. (Please review the Course Guide on the Training Curriculum page for instructions on completing this course.) The instructor will send you an e-mail with their contact information for questions on the 1st business day of the month and will mark the course complete on the last day of the month.

Audience: Financial and business administrators or anyone who oversees a budget and financial activity.

Learn to adjust your current base budget up or down, whether revenue budget, expense budget, or both. NUFinancials budget adjustments enable you to:

  • Revise the budget to account for deviations from plans
  • Introduce changes into the historical record
  • Enable actual transactions to proceed that would otherwise be prevented by budgetary controls in NUFinancials.

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